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Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are an experienced factory in the plastics sector since 1989. We always prioritize quality, fine workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

Our factory is located at Sedati, East Java. 4 km from Juanda Airport and can be accessed via the toll road. To make a visit to the factory is required to make an appointment in advance with our team.

Do you have PO or ready goods?

We have several items that are ready, if the item is not ready the estimated lead time for the order is around 1-2 weeks depending on the production schedule and availability of the goods

Do you offer free samples?

We can send a free sample to you, but the recipient's courier costs will be borne for the first time.

What is the order and minimum purchase?
  1. Choose confimation:
    Color (Choice of colors can be seen in our catalog, if there is no custom color that you want)
    Thickness (15-150 gsm, every multiple of 5 gsm, for example 15, 20, 25, etc.)
    Roll Size (our standard roll size is 1.6 meters high and 100 meters wide, but we can adjust the size according to buyer's request)
  2.  Minimum order 200 kg, contoh untuk gsm 75 dengan ukuran 1.6 x 100 m minimal 17 roll.
  3. Sales will confirm the estimated delivery schedule
  4. When the price and delivery schedule have been agreed by the buyer, the sales person will send an invoice
  5. Payment transfer to our company bank account
  6. Start process produced / shipped
What if my order does not reach 200 kg?
  • If the order does not reach 200 kg, the buyer can take the goods themselves at our factory location.
  • Confirmation of Options from the ready stock
  • Sales send invoices
  • Payment transfer to our company bank account
  • After confirmation of funds is received, goods can be picked up at our factory location
Can I get a discount?

For larger orders, we can provide lower prices, or if you have regular needs, contact us for further discussion.