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Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

Our factory is located at Sedati, East Java. 4 km from Juanda Airport and can be accessed via the toll road. To make a visit to the factory is required to make an appointment in advance with our team.

Do you have ready goods or customers need to pre-order?

We have several items that are ready, if the item is not ready the estimated lead time for the order is around 1-2 weeks depending on the production schedule and availability of the goods

What are nonwoven major applications?

There are various types of nonwoven product applications. Our current markets are largely in medical products, packaging and home furnishing. However for the complete application you can see in our application section

What colors do you have?

We offer multiple varieties of colored spunbond, for color options, download our catalog here. If you cant find the color you like, we can also develop the color pantone you need. We also offer specialized treatments such as antibacterial, anti-UV, essence, lamination, etc

What weights are available?

Fabric basis weight range from 10 gram per square meter to 150 gram per square meter. We try to standardize our product weights to every multiple of 5 gsm, for example 15, 20, 25 gsm and so on.

How much is the roll width you manufacture?

We can make from 20mm until 3200mm width depending on your needs

Q: How long is each roll?

The minimum length is 100 m, and we can produce up to 4000 m. We can calculate the suitable length for shipment. Please contact us for the most effective load ability.

How to order?
  1. Confirm product specification that you need:
    Color (Choice of colors can be seen in our catalog, we can also provide custom color that you want)
    Thickness (15-150 gsm, every multiple of 5 gsm, for example 15, 20, 25 gsm and so on.)
    Roll Size
    1. Width: 20mm-3200mm
    2. Length: 100m - 4000m
  2. Let us know if you have special requests such as anti-UV additive, antibacterial additive or anti essence additive.
  3. Sales will confirm the estimated delivery schedule
  4. When the price and delivery schedule have been agreed by the buyer, the sales person will send an invoice
  5. Transfer payment to our company bank account
  6. Start process production / shipping
Do you offer free samples?

Yes,we can send a free sample to you, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions