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Who We Are

Our Profile

Nonwoven is a breakthrough product which is a practical solution in the world of polypropylene plastic manufacturing in this day and age. Increasingly high innovation in the industrial world and various kinds of unique combinations of plastic materials have answered the increasing world demand. The role of AMARI Nonwoven in this modern condition is to become your partner who professionally and consistently will meet the needs and technical specifications that you need.

AMARI Nonwoven is part of the Suryasukses Group corporate network that has been in the plastics business for more than 3 decades. With long experience in manufacturing, the reliability and commitment of product quality and AMARI service quality is no longer in doubt.

AMARI Nonwoven produces Meltblown and Spunbond polypropylene which are the main ingredients of health complementary products and personal safety products such as surgical masks, head caps, body protection suites, surgical scrubs, to merchandise such as bags / pouches, hotel slippers and many more. In its use, customers will then be able to differentiate the strength of the product and the quality of the products produced by AMARI to have the advantages that we have promised.


Our purpose and ambition

Seeing a wide and challenging market share, Amari Nonwoven has positioned itself with very ambitious targets. We will significantly increase production in stages in order to meet the needs of using nonwoven products both in the main related industries namely the medical and health industries, as well as various other industries in need. In its journey, we want to do it as efficiently as possible to continue to provide highly competitive and consistent supply that is always available to colleagues in need.

We have also determined to have 1 Amari Nonwoven destination, namely:

“Offering all the power to sustain the basic needs of humanity. We will give all our energy to make things better from time to time.”


To be a standard for nonwoven products in Indonesia and the world, and to lead the nonwoven market in all specialization diversification lines.


Amari continues to be creative without stopping, finding various possibilities of product innovation to be a better solution every time, while maintaining production consistency so that customers can always be relied upon.